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Three tips for better communication

Everybody can learn to express themselves in a powerful way. No matter what other people claim. It’s not a gift, it’s a choice. Inspiring and convincing people to take action on your ideas starts with you, your story and how you bring it. 

“Expressing yourself in a powerful way is not a gift, it’s a choice.“

Marnick Vandebroek, author of Stand up to Stand Out, helps you to positively stand out in any situation. Because standing up is the only way you can stand out in life and business. In this article, he shares three exclusive tips on how to communicate stronger during a pandemic.

  1. 💪🏻 The true power of a compliment sits in its credibility & tangibility. It shows if you genuinely want to give one and that you really understand the context. Do it right and it’s the most powerful and cost efficient motivator you can offer your team in these challenging times. 

    🎥 Watch here how Marnick gives compliments

  2. 🐎 Don’t try to turn the horse 180°, just ride it in the direction it is going and gradually change its course. Try to turn people abruptly, because you want to, will often trigger resistance. Certainly in difficult times. Offer people context and personal value and they will embrace the change. Not because they have to, but because they also want to.

    🎥 Want to see Marnick on a horse? Today is your lucky day!

  3. 🤡 Unless you are a comedian, nobody expects you to be funny. A business audience wants content told in an entertaining and authentic way first, adding jokes is just a bonus. So either you are really funny and use that skill, or you first learn how to write proper jokes. Just know, entertainment doesn’t always equal funny. 

    🎥 Watch how Marnick tells his stories in an entertaining way

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