New printing press HP Indigo 15K HD

At die Keure, we are constantly investing in the future as part of our endeavour to continue to guarantee our widely acclaimed quality, flexibility, and service. Our recent purchase of an HP Indigo 15K HD digital printing press is just one example of this. In addition to perfectly complementing our offset division, it also allows us to respond to the ever-increasing demand for smaller print runs.

We can deliver very high quality with this digital press, achieving consistent print results. HP Indigo presses use the unique liquid HP ElectroInk, which, in a similar process to offset printing, is then transferred from the plate to a heated rubber blanket using strictly controlled electrical fields to control placement of the pigments. This image is then transferred from the blanket onto the paper substrate using pressure.

Like our offset presses, the HP Indigo can handle many different paper types and CMYK and white ink, as well as an impressive colour spectrum, matching up to 97% of Pantone® colours with its own unique ink mixing system.

At die Keure, we weigh the ecological benefits of every investment we make. As such, the HP Indigo is entirely consistent with our vision of sustainable entrepreneurship. Besides being more energy-efficient than a conventional press, it eliminates any set-up waste because you don’t need a warm-up time to achieve the right colour performance.

Finally, this digital technology also enables us to be more responsive, which is often necessary in today’s increasingly fast-paced economy and something we strive to excel in. Delivering a top-notch product for smaller print runs within a shorter lead time.