Privacy declaration

This Privacy Declaration is applicable to the processing of data by die Keure NV – with the registered name: Drukkerij-Uitgeverij die Keure – Imprimerie-Editions La Charte – and registered headquarters at Kleine Pathoekeweg 3, B-8000 Bruges, Belgium, registered in the Belgian Centralised Database for Enterprises (KBO) under the number 0405.108.325 (“die Keure”), and each of the companies associated with it (in the sense of Article 11 of the Belgian Companies Act), who make use of the data or information that is collected via the following address: (hereinafter: the “Website”), as well as all possible sub-domains of this Website. If you make use of this Website as a visitor, or if you decide to subscribe or register, by buying a product, by subscribing to the newsletter, by asking a question via our contact forms or by making use of our Website in any other way, then,  in conformity with this Privacy Declaration, we shall collect and process all of the information that you provide to us in this regard and, which makes it possible for us to identify you directly or indirectly ( the “personal data”), under observation of all valid legal regulations in this regard, which are listed in Article 2.1 of this Privacy Declaration. Do take into account that this Website can contain links to other websites, which may possibly not be subject to this Privacy Declaration, and for which die Keure is therefore not responsible or liable. die Keure can modify this Privacy Declaration at all times and without an advance notification, with the objective of observing (changed) legal obligations and/or for the improvement of its services. We therefore recommend that you regularly consult the Website, and in particular this Privacy Declaration.

1. The collection of personal information

1.1  die Keure collects personally identifiable information via its Website, which includes information that registered and unregistered visitors provide to the Website, within the framework of an order, a request for information or the registration itself. This information consists of, amongst others, the following: details organisation, name, address, telephone number, VAT number, e-mail address, function and title and, if the case may be, additional information, which is strictly required for offering the visitor a certain service or product that he/she desires. 1.2  It is, of course, also possible to visit the Website without providing visitor information, and also without registration by the visitor. Unregistered visitors can create a shopping cart on the Website, without it being necessary to disclose any of his/her personal data.. die Keure uses a cookie (see Article 3 in this regard) to store the IP address, so that the unregistered visitor can find back the articles during a new visit, which he had previously put into his shopping cart. Furthermore, die Keure is committed to not using the IP address of the browser in any manner whatsoever, with which the visitor has logged in on our Website without registration, nor to process it in any other manner with regard to an unregistered visitor. The IP addresses of visitors, who do not wish to register themselves, are permanently deleted on a regular basis from our databases.. 1.3 die Keure does not archive the collected personal data longer than is legally permitted, and in every instance not longer than is required for the objectives mentioned hereunder..

2. The use of your personal data, your rights and the manner in which you can exercise these.

2.1  The information that is left behind by a visitor, within the framework of the use of the Website (as described amongst others above), will be processed in conformity with the appropriate privacy regulations. These primarily consist of the following:
  • The law of 8 December 1992, for the protection of personal privacy with regard to the processing of personal data (hereinafter: Privacy Act), as amended by the law of 11 December 1998;
  • The implementing decrees of the Privacy Act;
  • The law of 13 June 2005, concerning electronic communication;
  • The General Directive for Data Protection (EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the European Council Meeting of 27 April, 2016), as of its effectiveness on 25 May 2018.
    • die Keure acts as the responsible party for the processing of the personal data, and it shall process such information for the following objectives: Visitor administration (amongst others confirmation e-mails regarding login data, the processing of orders and information requests, and, in general, with the objective of meeting its obligations with regard to the visitor). Your personal information may also be processed, with the objective of improving the user friendliness of our Website, for a better coordination of our Website to the interests, requirements and wishes of its visitors, and also to adequately stock, process, improve and complete personal data, as is required by law.
die Keure can also collect and process personal data for marketing objectives, such as information with regard to our products, competitions, actions and other promotions. die Keure ensures that its marketing activities are compliant with  the appropriate legislation, and it will see to it that it obtains an express, specific and informed consent from the visitor(via the ticking of an appropriate check box) prior to sending him e-mails or other electronic messages, with promotional information about die Keure or  of its partners. In this connection, too, die Keure can also make use of cookies which are described in detail in Article 3 of this Privacy Declaration. 2.3 Every visitor has the free-of-charge right to review, modify, improve or delete his or her information. Unless an objection has been registered, this information can be transmitted to third parties, within the limitations and conditions that are set out below in article 2.4 “The transmission of data to third parties”. Without prejudice to the general nature of the provision in the preceding paragraph, the visitor will at all times be able to unregister and/or to demand that certain information is no longer received, either by clicking on the corresponding checkbox “unregister” next to the specific service or offered information, or, if this would not be available, via the addresses and in the manner that is described below. The above-mentioned rights, including related questions and/or comments, can be exercised by writing to die Keure – Marketing Department – Kleine Pathoekeweg 3, B-8000 Bruges, Belgium, or by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address We will ensure that your request and/or your questions are handled as quickly as possible. 2.4 Transmission of information to third parties die Keure can transmit personal data to so-called IT service providers, who process, administer and store this information in its name, or to other partners on which it can call, for a good execution of the agreement between you and die Keure (for instance for the delivery of a product, which you have ordered via the Website). die Keure will, however, not share data with third parties for secondary or unrelated objectives, unless a notification is provided at the moment that this information is collected. With regard to visitors of the Website, who have expressly given their consent,die Keure may also provide their personal data to third parties for marketing and promotion objectives (such as, for instance, to a media agency, an event organizer, etc.). die Keure remains liable towards the visitor, for the correct processing of his/her personal data that it provides to and transmits to third parties, and die Keure will in this respect proceed to obtain the necessary contractual guarantees from the involved third-party and enforce these. Where appropriate or required, such personal data can and will be provided by die Keure to authorities for the maintenance of law and order, to regulatory authorities, other government agencies or third parties, if this should appear to be necessary or desirable for fulfilling the legal or regulatory obligations, or within the framework of the above-mentioned objectives. The personal data of the visitor will only be processed by Die Keure (or by third parties on its behalf) in Belgium or other countries, where the level of protection of personal data  is judged to be of equivalent merit to the protection that is in effect in the European Union, and especially in the countries of the European Economic Region (EER) and countries that are on par with it, and for those third parties in the USA that have committed themselves under the so-called ‘Privacy Shield’. For possible processing in countries other than those mentioned above, die Keure will first ascertain that, for a safe processing of your personal data, it can obtain sufficiently strong and enforceable guarantees, without which it will not permit such processing.

3. Cookies

die Keure uses so-called “cookies” or “web beacons”. 3.1  What are cookies? Cookies are small text files or bits of information, which are stored on the hard disk of a user. Cookies are files that, so to say, keep an up-to-date record of preceding visits of certain websites, including the information that is linked to these visits. There are technical cookies (for instance for recording language settings), session cookies (temporary cookies) and tracking cookies (cookies that refer to the behaviour of the website visitor or, so to say, follow the visitor on the website and store his/her behaviour, with an eye to maximising the user experience for the website visitor). Web beacons are electronic pictures, which make it possible to count the number of visitors on a certain website and, which are able to grant access to certain cookies. 3.2  Cookies on the Website. The Website makes use of the following types of cookies: (i).    Necessary cookies: These cookies are indispensable for being able to visit our Website, and for being able to use certain components thereof. These cookies, for instance, make it possible for you to navigate between the various webpages of the Website or, for instance, for filling in forms. If you refuse these cookies, then certain components of the Website will not function, or not function optimally. (ii).    Functional cookies Functional cookies are those cookies, which makes the functioning/handling of our website easier and more pleasant for visitors, and that ensures that you will receive a more personalized surfing experience. These are, for instance, the cookies that remember your preferred language, or that remember whether you have already been asked to participate in our survey, so that we do not keep on presenting the same survey. (iii).    Analytical cookies We use analytical cookies for collecting information about the use that the visitors make of our Website, with the objective of improving the content of our Website, of improving its adaptation to the wishes of the visitors while, at the same time, increasing the user-friendliness of our Website. For instance, we use Google Analytics. This is a cookie that makes it possible for us to collect information, with regard to which pages a visitor of the Website consults and how the Website is navigated by that visitor. The information that is collected by Google Analytics is anonymous, and it does not permit the identification of individual persons. (iv).    Cookies for marketing and promotional purposes die Keure does not make use of cookies for marketing purposes. die Keure may decide at any moment in the future to nevertheless do this. That is why it is recommended to review the Privacy Declaration at regular intervals, and especially the provisions of our cookie policy, every time that you log in again on our Website. 3.3 Administration of cookies The user can at all times modify his or her browser settings with regard to the use of cookies, thereby either permitting, preventing or partially permitting the use of cookies.

4. Protection of information

die Keure uses generally acceptable and reasonable safety measures, which conform to the current development of the technology regarding operational security, especially for a protection against loss, misuse, modification or destruction of the personal data that is provided by visitors. die Keure takes all reasonable measures for protecting personal data, which is provided by the visitor to die Keure, and for ensuring its confidentiality, as far as possible. Every visitor, nevertheless, recognises that the provision of personal data via the Internet can never be without risk. The user therefore also acknowledges that possible direct or indirect damages he or she may suffer, as a consequence of an illegal or unlawful use of his/her personal data by third parties, who did not have permission for such use, cannot be assigned to die Keure, nor can the latter be held liable for this, unless such damage should undeniably and primarily be caused intentionally or due to gross negligence on the part of die Keure.

5. Applicable law and disputes

This Privacy Declaration is subject to and will be interpreted in conformity with Belgian law. The tribunals and courts, which have the competence to hear disputes regarding this Privacy Declaration, will, , be the tribunals and courts of the district of Bruges, except if provided otherwise by law and without prejudice for the visitor of the Website to file a complaint with the competent authorities and in particular with the Privacy Commission (in Belgium: