FSC certification extended

Die Keure is now FSC-certified for another five years. After a thorough review of the activities and administration, we have been issued a new certificate. It guarantees that our paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Why is an FSC certificate important?

Our climate is changing due to man’s impact and we’re realising this more and more. Deforestation is one of the major culprits and a finger is often pointed at the paper industry. But this is actually undeserved. The paper industry is only responsible for 6% of the world’s logging. Moreover, the FSC plants forests specifically for the paper industry. They plant at least one extra tree for every tree that gets logged. Since 1990, Europe’s forests have even grown by 17 million hectares. .

Combatting waste

In addition to sourcing paper from sustainably managed forests, die Keure also uses environmentally friendly materials and works to ensure a minimum loss of paper. It does this by making digital proofs, meticulously editing publications to the size of the sheet of paper, and recycling waste paper. Furthermore, we also make use of organic inks and water-based dyes.

Sustainable forestry is important to protect the planet both now and in the future. The FSC certificate is just one of the steps that we have taken to act responsibly when it comes to the environment. Die Keure has been certified since March 2008 and the current certificate is valid until March 2023.