Leader in sustainable business.

Sustainable business is an absolute priority.

We have been structurally investing in sustainability and the environment for our entire production process since 2010.

In scopes 1 and 2 die Keure has a CO2e footprint of less than 9 g per euro of business revenue and less than 0.2 g per euro of CO2e energy consumption, making us a frontrunner in the industry.

Sustainability ambition for 2030

Our company intends to reach a net zero CO2e footprint of all the assets we control directly (scopes 1 and 2) and all the energy those assets require by 2030 without using external offset mechanisms, regardless of whether these assets are machines, buildings or company vehicles.

We are currently also looking at what future policies we can develop to bring down the indirect CO2e footprint of all up-and downstream assets we control indirectly (scope 3).

Roadmap and annual audit.

These CO2 claims, of course, need to be supported with facts. Every year, die Keure has its carbon footprint audited by our external partner Encon. The results and action plans leading to a <1.5°C future for 2030 were validated by Science Based Targets (SBTi).
We translated the validated action plan into a concrete roadmap towards 2030:

Sustainability 2022

Our achievements ?

Our own energy consumption requires no fossil fuels
30% of all energy is sustainably generated on-site
Minimal use of fossil fuels for heating (recovery of waste heat from incinerator)
Alcohol-free printing: 0% IPA
Maximum recycling of waste streams
Use of residual paper for our own printing and communication materials
Purchasing of sustainable raw materials from suppliers who themselves have sustainable production processes

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Die Keure is an FSC®-certified company (FSC-C009115 ) with FSC® certification number SGSCH-COC-004433.