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Impressionists in London

Die Keure printed the exhibition catalogue that accompanies the EY Exhibition: Impressionists in London: French Artists in Exile.

This Tate exhibition charts the story of the French artists who took refuge in London during and after the devastating Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune. Following these traumatic events there was a creative flourish in London as the exiles responded to British culture and social life – regattas, processions, parks, and of course the Thames. 

New texts from a range of leading writers draw out key figures and events from this remarkable period, revealing the artists’ connections with patrons, art dealers and British artists, and considering both the contribution they made to British art and art education and the impact their cross-Channel experiences had on French art. 

Lavishly illustrated throughout with over 170 beautiful works, this exhibition catalogue shows us London seen through French eyes and illuminates a key period in this enduringly popular movement.

Customer: Tate Publishing
Year of publication: 2017
Category: Art