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Anton Corbijn 1-2-3-4

This book accompanies the major Anton Corbijn exhibition in the Hague Museum of Photography. 

Since the 1970s photographer Anton Corbijn has collaborated intensively with numerous musicians and bands and his photographs have often had a determining influence on their image. For this book Corbijn has selected photographs, many of which are being shown for the first time, of The Rolling Stones, U2, Depeche Mode, R.E.M., Metallica, Arcade Fire, Nirvana, Johnny Rotten/John Lydon, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Siouxsie Sioux; it also contains a tour reportage of The Slits (1980).

With more than 350 photographs, including about 70 individual portraits of Joe Cocker, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Grace Jones, Courtney Love, Morissey, Neil Young and many others.

  • Unique material choice for the cover
  • Exceptional care to achieve the perfect display of Corbijn’s wonderful photography
Customer: Uitgeverij Hannibal
Year of publication: 2015
Category: Photography, Music