Print finishes and screen printing

We offer a wide range of finishing services, so your printed materials stand out. Spot UV, scented inks, glow-in-the-dark ink, … the possibilities are endless. We are happy to advise you on the right application to ensure that your print materials have the look and feel you envisaged.

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Foil printing and embossing, glitter inks, fluorescent inks, UV-curable varnish or ink, braille spot UV varnish, tactile ink, scratch ink, gold or silver ink, metallic inks, thermochromic and photochromic inks, chalkboard ink, puff ink, lase, lenticular/3D printing, screen printing on all kinds of materials (leather, linen, coloured paper…).


Kiwomat coater
Exposure unit
Fully-automated Sakurai SC102A press
Semi-automated Argon press