Thanks to our many years of experience, our prepress has become one of the most renowned in the world in terms of image quality service. The repro is done entirely in-house by people who not only know their trade, but also our printing presses inside out.
At the customer’s request, we check and correct image by image to achieve the best possible printing result for each type of paper whether or not together at the screen. At your choice, we simulate the final result on screen, digital color proof or edition paper.
Die Keure can also be of service in the preliminary phase: our team of graphic designers and professional typesetters assist you with the design of your printed matter and the preparation of files for printing.

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Image digitalisation and archiving
Colour management
Image processing
Image conversion
On-screen colour corrections, assisted by our experienced PhotoShop specialists
On-screen simulations, on a digital colour proof or on production stock


Graphic designers
Database publishing of catalogues, price lists…
Support for preparing files for printing


Scanning department
2 Agfa scanners (XY 15)
• 2 Epson P9500 (paper simulation possible, with a built-in calibration utility)
1 dedicated machine for coated and 1 dedicated machine for uncoated
3 Eizo Coloredge screens with a built-in screen calibration utility
Imposition department
2 CTP Agfa Avalon
Canon C 7280i for small format blueprints
Frieline Graphopress GR 480 IR cutting machine
Epson 9800 for large format blueprints*
Epson Stylus Pro 9900 for exposing films*