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Timeless Icons – Spreading the Light

Residential Brochure for ORBIT Architectural Lighting. Design and concept by Helene Bergmans, printed by die Keure. 

Die Keure is a TOP printer!
Joost generously welcomed us yesterday with a tour of the printing and binding facilities. We also received an explanation of their special pattern, litho and code services. We carried out a critical evaluation of the cover and the interior printing — and we are happy to say they’ve been approved!
We are extremely pleased with the result.Hélène Bergmans

helene bergmans @ die keure 2

helene bergmans @ die keure 4

helene bergmans @ die keure 5

Pictures by Helene Bergmans

Customer: Helene Bergmans
Year of publication: 2017
Category: Catalog