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ComingWorldRememberMe aims to remember all casualties of the First World War on Belgian soil by creating a symbol for every single one and giving them a place in our history — and even more importantly, in our present and our future — through the medium of art. To do so, the artist Koen Vanmechelen created a landscape artwork containing no fewer than 600,000 small clay statues.

The making of tells the complete story of how this artwork came to be. This account, which includes stunning imagery by photographer Harold Naeye, amongst others, is complemented by the Willie Verhegge poems that can be read and heard along the Ode to the War Poets walking route. The calligraphic interpretations of these poems are also included in this publication. 

  • Slipcase 
  • Pocket with ten poems 
  • Softcover the making of
Customer: vzw Kunst
Year of publication: 2018
Category: Art, Litterature