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Why choose die Keure?

Problem-free experience for the customer

  • Dedicated personal supervision
  • Close cooperation with the customer
  • Flexibility and shorter lead times thanks to the 3-shift system
  • Apartment available for the customer to relax before and after approval on the presses

State-of-the-art printing office

  • High-tech machinery with the latest generation of manroland printing presses
  • One of the most advanced prepress departments in the world
  • Entire process in own hands - from prepress to finishing
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable

Range of technical options

  • Various activities under one roof: offset, screen and digital printing
  • Paper room with paper samples, both in Belgium and the US
  • Internal photoengraving with option of assistance in the entire process (on screen and on the press)
  • Stock control and logistic services


“We’d like to thank you for your beautiful collective work that made this publication possible – we especially appreciate your patience, flexibility and commitment to quality on this big and intricate project” 

Asia in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum (Silja Hillman, Studio Blue)