Jeux de mains selected as one of the best books of 2021

CNN Style asked some influential writers, actors, photographers and creative directors to share their favorite reads of 2021. Yay, one of the selected books is printed by die Keure!

For Jeux de mains, Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi, editor and founder of the Frensh publishing house Chose Commune, took matters in her own hands, gathering a selection of works by artists that focus on hands. The book has a unique Japanese binding. The photographer Spencer Tuncik, who is best known for his expansive nude shoots involving hundreds of people, selected Jeux de mains and this is why:

“The book I have been spending the most time with is a small art book from 2021. It’s not a narrative book but a pocket-sized compact art book that I keep by the side of my bed to get lost in thought and help me sleep. The book is of photographs, illustrations and paintings of hands. I have been very interested in small art books lately, that take the place of an iPhone or Instagram. The book is a talisman. The book as an object.”
Spencer Tuncik for CNN Style

You can read the full CNN Style article here.