die Keure in The New York Times

The New York Times art critics announced their selection of this year’s best art books. The exhibition catalogue for Van Eyck. An optical revolution, printed by die Keure, made it to these ‘Best Art Books of 2020’. But there’s more: the newspaper wrote wonderful words about our printing company. First, The British art magazine Apollo proclaimed the Van Eyck exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent ‘Exhibition of the Year’. And now it is the exhibition catalogue in the spotlight. This beautiful publication brings together the complete oeuvre of Van Eyck, supplemented by more than a hundred masterpieces from the late Middle Ages, which show the influence of this absolute master of Western art. The book was published by Hannibal Books. As a printing company, we are very proud to have participated in this project. And our work has not gone unnoticed by The New York Times’ all-seeing art eye: Read the full article »