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Free booklet for Earth Day

Booklet Earth Day

Earth Day is observed every year on April 22. To celebrate that day, we are offering a free booklet, written by Jef Teugels: How to Prepare Yourself for Tackling Global and Local Challenges in Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability. It creates a perfect opportunity to reflect on your personal actions.

"In our ever more individualized, polarized, and atomized world, Jef brings this little light. Not being shy to share the hard facts of today and tomorrow, he points the way for each of us, no matter how little and powerless we often feel, to help build a legacy for ourselves and our posterity. To not do and let happen what, a priori, we could get away with. To assume accountable roles, besides carrying on our daily lives. To consider the overall impact of our choices beyond their mere outcomes for ourselves. A truly worthwhile reflection." ─ Dr. Olaf Hermans, Human Technologies Scientist

Read this tiny booklet – it only takes a few minutes.

Download the booklet:

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Book Leaving a legacyLeaving a legacy

How do you leave a legacy? What drives a legacy? How about your legacy statement? And how about increasing your impact? Will you choose for scaling up, scaling deep, scaling out, or maybe even scaling down? 

Get carried away by the impact point of view and discover how you can increase the impact of your organisation too.


Book A financial guide for social entrepreneursA Financial Guide for Social Entrepreneurs

This book provides what it promises to the reader, i.e. A financial guide for social entrepreneurs. It departs from the challenges that social entrepreneurs face to fund their ventures. We discuss three main challenges in this context:

  1. Access to funding;
  2. Complexity of business models;
  3. Predominant focus on social impact.


Book MetasystemsMetasystems

This book gives companies the tools to build mutually beneficial, equal and sincere partnerships. We call them metasystems. And we believe them to be the most suitable armor for the next decade. Metasystems are built on trust and purpose. The biggest challenge is how to leverage the soft side, the human factor again.


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