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SuperNova: leading scale-up conference

» 27-30 September 2018, Antwerp

SuperNova is a leading scale-up conference, organised by aims to become the top-of-mind time squeezer for scale-ups in Europe. They squeeze time and boost growth for scale-ups, global VCs and a wide network of partners. They connect Europe's most promising scale-ups with our global network of deep pocket investors and fast track collaboration with high-tech companies and research organizations in our network.

One of their key initiatives this year is SuperNova, a one-of-a-kind event where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together. Where game-changers and businesses of tomorrow meet and entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives connect to get inspired and empowered. Because we also want to inspire and boost businesses and professionals with our books, we are glad to be a partner of and SuperNova. 

For a few days only, today’s thought leaders, the most promising scale-ups, and outstanding companies from around the globe gather in Antwerp - to talk, pitch and showcase. As a professional, entrepreneur, creative, researcher, innovator or investor, SuperNova allows you to squeeze time and embrace tomorrow.

SuperNova offers:

  1. The SuperNova Conference: two days featuring today’s game changers. Where thought leaders share their vision and insights on the technology, business concepts and creative ventures of tomorrow.
  2. The SuperNova Tech Fair: featuring game-changing companies with cutting-edge solutions in AI, VR/AR, Blockchain, Internet of Things and much more. Giving you a glimpse of tomorrow's solutions.
  3. The SuperNova Investor Pitching: the most relevant scale-up pitching event in Europe with its two-day deep pocket investor program, featuring the 55 most promising European tech scale-ups.
  4. The SuperNova Expedition: Interactive installations offer a taste of what life tomorrow will bring. Experience today how we will live, work, eat, move, shop, stay healthy, relax and connect tomorrow.
  5. The SuperNova Talent Matcher: a dynamic talent platform connecting jobseekers with companies, enabling ambitious talents of today to match with their future employers. 

Who is it for?

SuperNova invites all professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, innovators & investors to squeeze time and embrace tomorrow at the SuperNova Professional summit. Connect with game-changers and discover inspiring speakers, visionary technologies, businesses of tomorrow & potential talent.

During the weekend, the SuperNova Festival is open to anyone who is inspired & curious.

When is it?

SuperNova takes place on September 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 2018.

The SuperNova Professional summit takes place on September 27 and 28 and features the conferencetech fair, exclusive investor pitching as well as the expedition and talent matcher

The public SuperNova festival takes place on September 29 and 30 with the free expedition, tech fair and talent matcher. No ticket is needed during these 2 days.

What does it cost?

The SuperNova Professional summit takes place on September 27 & 28 2018. It features the conference, tech fair and exclusive   pitching, as well as the expedition and talent matcher. 

SuperNova Conference Pass

This pass entitles you access to: ConferenceTech FairExpeditionTalent Matcher

  • Regular: €510 excluding VAT
  • Early Bird (Until May 31, 2018): €410 excluding VAT
SuperNova Investor Pass

This pass entitles you with exclusive access to Investor Pitching and 1-on-1 matchmaking tool.

It also gives you access to: ConferenceTech FairExpeditionTalent Matcher

  • Regular: €819 excluding VAT
  • Early Bird (Until May 31, 2018): €719 excluding VAT

During the weekend, the SuperNova Festival is open for free to anyone who is inspired & curious.

Where is it?

SuperNova takes place in the port area - “Het Eilandje” - in Antwerp, Belgium. The four-day event is hosted at several sites, including: Waagnatie, Felix Pakhuis, Retail Detail, MAS, and more.

The main event hall is the Waagnatie at Rijnkaai 150 2000 Antwerp.

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