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How to inspire action with your story

Any idea, topic or message can be turned into a great story that inspires action. How? 

It's simple.

Prepare yourself.

Fill your backpack with knowledge, insights and experience. The better prepared you are on these three levels, the more confident and ready you will be. You'll fill your backpack with these three takeouts:

  1. Have a clear goal. Ask yourself what you want people to do or walk out with;
  2. Know your audience. Who will you be talking to? What are they and their world about? Know as much as possible, this is how you'll establish attention, trust and context;
  3. What personal value are they looking for and what can you bring that will have them craving to enter or view the world in your way?

Once your backpack is full, you can start building your story in your head or pouring it into a form of pitch or presentation.

Want to know how you can build your story?

Stand Up to Stand Out

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