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How are you making a difference this year?

Awesome, you decided to start boosting positive impact with your organisation. 2021 will be the year of the difference, let’s reshape the world together!

We can hear you scream ‘YEAH! But … how?’

And that’s a valid question. Do you actually have a strategy and if so, how will you implement it? It’s great to have plans, but it’s better to have a strategy. We’ll give you a head start with this tip from author Kaat Peeters:

Define your legacy goal. What change do you want to bring to the world?

Design your strategies to grow your positive impact. The growth of your impact is more than growing your organisation. Know that if you read the book, you’ll realize that growing your impact is so much more than selling or offering a lot of services. You can focus on lobbying, storytelling, being exemplary … After reading this book, people often notice that they shouldn’t grow as an organisation, but rather strategically focus on other points, such as storytelling.

You can increase your impact in different ways, not necessarily just by scaling up. Dare to choose other strategies that can also make a difference.

Leaving A LegacyDiscover in ‘Leaving A Legacy’ how your organisation can boost positive impact as well and leave the world a great legacy, because that’s what it’s all about. It's about creating a better world for the next generation. A responsibility we all share.

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