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Be Obsessed

The 10 rules of Obsessed

It’s important to be obsessed with data, marketing and sales. To do so it is crucial to think strategy first, marketing process second and technology last. Martech is about building a strategy and then finding technology that enables it. Not the other way around. That’s why Renout Van Hove and Marc Bresseel founded these 10 rules. If followed, organizations will do what’s right in the eyes of the customer. With these rules, the authors strive to trigger creating a valiant movement that uses these rules as a beacon of common sense.

Strategy: Move beyond insight into foresight using relationships

1 Aspire to build a relationship with a person that has feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams, not only market to a persona or a segment.

2 Martech is about helping your customers help you by helping themselves in the easiest way possible.

Organization: Customers can contribute to the success of the organization

3 Recognize that your customers do not always fit in your magically and beautifully crafted (but sometimes theoretical) customer journeys.

4 Think beyond departments silos, and its dysfunctionalities and strive for a martech stack that puts the customer effort in the middle of every initiative you take.

Operations: Customers don’t expect perfection, they appreciate the openness

5 When deploying martech, as a fundamental principle, focus on your customer’s problem. Do not make your broken martech stack your customers’ problem.

6 Acknowledge that your customers don’t care about departments and their correlative dysfunctionalities. Strive to create seamless experiences that do not stop at the sale.

Culture: Create a culture and educate the organization to use technology for the benefit of the customer

7 Use the power of technology primarily to create more relevant and frictionless customer experiences.

8 Use AI mainly to be more relevant and less intrusive to your customers and serve them better and more effectively. Consumers: Give consumers a sense of control of the relationship

9 Disengage proactively when your customer does not engage with your messages, do not block the exit and make it as easy and smooth as the entrance.

10 Primarily use data to create contextually relevant, smooth, and helpful experiences and never ask for data that you will not use.

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