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Renout van Hove

Being old enough to have experienced two economic recessions – the .com bubble in the late '90s and 2008 recession - Renout van Hove started his career at Hewlett Packard in 1998, following the years after with Compaq & Dell in several Marketing & Sales roles on a European level. Swiftly noticing his real obsession was at the intersection of Marketing & Technology. Being one of the first to launch in Belgium, one of the early days' employees of Showpad, Renout is now mentor & startup coach at Start it KBC and has assisted and coached several startups and scale-ups in building scalable Customer Technology stacks.

Today Renout is primarily busy as founder, Owner & 'Chief Growth Architect' at Growthagent - the Martech Agency within Duval Union that helps companies to build customer technology stacks and guide them through the increasingly complicated maze of marketing technology options, enabling them to maximize return on investment.

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