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Dixie Dansercoer

Dixie DansercoerDixie Dansercoer is a lifelong adventurer who has placed his focus on Polar exploration during the last 26 years, running many record-breaking expeditions that raised the bar for what seemed impossible. Parallel scientific missions, educational projects and enthusing the public at large are tools he uses to objectively raise awareness regarding our individual and collective responsibilities vis-à-vis the pristine character of our precious Earth. Together with his wife Julie Brown, he runs Polar Circles, with which they present keynote speaking, corporate-supporting campaigns and productive retreats. As one of the very few International Polar Guides Association few Master guides, he provides guiding services with Polar Experience for which he has designed polar trips ranging from soft immersions in the Polar Regions to extreme ski-kiting expeditions to (Ant)Arctica.

Dixie is the author of 24 expedition, photo, children’s and corporate books and does not hesitate to include in his publications that belief in a good world, positive attitude and much humour can save the world.  He is a father of 4 and sharing his time between Belgium, Switzerland, Oregon and … wherever snow and ice are the icing on the cake!

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