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Alison Williams

Alison Williams (Belgium – and our editor!) has been setting up social networks even before social existed: in 2001 she coordinated a group of local stakeholders (Consejo Cívico Consultor), at BASF Spain, that exchanged information on the company’s activities and concerns of neighbouring communities.

Later, in Brussels, she set up a network (online, but still not social) of national associations at EFMA (now Fertilizers Europe), so these could exchange their own expertise and experiences in the industry. At Wolters Kluwer she introduced “Boke en Babbel”, a bottom-up “lunch and learn” where colleagues have a chat on a topic relevant to the organisation while nibbling on a sandwich. But for this book, she is our editor and cheerful, social enthusiast. Master in English Philology, Post-graduate in Editing Technical Texts, and more than 10 years’ experience in bringing clarity to obscure jargon and intricate formulations.

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