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Lean smarketing (ePub)

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an introduction to the integration of marketing and sales (ePub)
ISBN 9782874034596 - Bestelcode 208174006
Lean smarketing (ePub)
€ 12,99
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an introduction to the integration of marketing and sales (ePub)



The Copernican revolution in marketing

  • Outbound vs inbound
  • Before the internet era (the pre-information age)
  • Now in the strong grip of the information age
  • Continuing evolution
  • Inbound marketing is the new king

Targeted content is your new champion strategy

  • Know your target
  • The buyers journey
  • Content is king
  • What is the best channel for your content

How to put the ‘S’(ales) in smarketing

  • Sales and marketing integration
  • The first steps in implementing a smarketing strategy

The growth hack for your smarketing strategy

  • Growth hacking
  • The classic smarketing pitfall of working with long campaigns
  • The smarketing Hack
  • The common objections

The lean aspect of smarketing

The conclusions

DO’s and DON’Ts

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