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Shuffle 1

Shuffle 2

Unit 1 Focus on

Identification and personality

Countries and nationalities

Study abroad

  On speaking terms

Discussing characteristics

Asking for help abroad

Showing interest

Small talk

  The basics

Present simple and present continuous

Future simple

  Mouth gymnastics Minimal pairs
 Unit 2 Focus on

Parts of the body

Being sick / Injuries


  On speaking terms

Talking about body parts

Help an injured person

Asking and giving advice

Talking to the doctor

Talking about measurements

  The basics

Going to future

Should / shouldn't

Must, have to, need to

Types of adverbs

Order of adverbs

Decimal and cardinal numbers

  Mouth gymnastics Mouth Manglers
Unit 3 Focus on


Home decoration


  On speaking terms

Meeting, greeting, saying goodbye

Inviting, refusing, accepting

Discussing home decoration

Discussing a performance

  The basics

Past simple

Little or few


  Mouth gymnastics Schwa
Unit 4 Focus on

Materials and their qualities

Returns and refunds

Service and repair

  On speaking terms

Talking about qualities

Returning something

Getting things repaired

Expressing past habits

  The basics

Relative clauses and relative pronouns

Punctuation rules

Used to

  Mouth gymnastics

Often mispronounced words and phrases

Sounding polite

s or z

Unit 5 Focus on

Domestic and wild animals

Terrible traffic

Contacting services

  The basics

Present perfect simple

Past simple vs present perfect simple


Concord in gender between noun and pronoun

  On speaking terms

Talking about pets

Giving traffic guidelines

Useful telephone language

  Mouth gymnastics

 d, t or id?

Telephone conversation

 Unit 6  Focus on

Family relations

Household chores

Dinner for two

  The basics

Present perfect continuous with 'for' and 'since'

Genitive and independent genitive

Short additions

  On speaking terms

Talking about family

Dividing household chores

Restaurant conversation

  Mouth gymnastics Yes?!
Unit 7 Focus on


The weather


Summer love


The basics

Emphatic use of to do

Revision of the tenses

Irregular verbs


On speaking terms

Talking about the weather

Booking a hotel room

Tourist questions

The language of love


Mouth gymnastics

Shadow reading

Silent letters




Shuffle 3

Unit 1 Focus on

School activities

My dreams


  The basics

Revision of the past tenses


Subject-verb agreement

  On speaking terms

Small talk during school activities

Share your dreams

What do you feel?

Unit 2 Focus on



Safe house

  The basics

Revision of the present tenses

Adjectives and adverbs

Who, whose, what, which, when, where ...

  On speaking terms

Ambiguous conversation

Discussing home safety

Unit 3 Focus on

Eat green

The power of the parent


  The basics

Revision of the future tenses

Present continuous with future meaning


Prepositions of place, time and movement

  On speaking terms

Arguing with your parents 

Playing games 

 Unit 4 Focus on

Natural disasters

Time flies

Public transport etiquette

  The basics

Modal verbs

Past continuous

Countable or uncountable nouns

Some, any, much, many, few, little

  On speaking terms

Discussing natural disaster  

Discussing time

Conversations on public transport

Unit 5 Focus on

Classy clothes



  The basics

Past perfect simple

Indirect speech

Reported questions and commands


  On speaking terms

Choosing clothes

Admiring people 

Unit 6 Focus on

Think green

Baby animals

White lies

  The basics



Question tags

  On speaking terms

Discussing ecologics 

Talking about baby animals

Telling white lies

Using question tags

Unit 7 Focus on

Travel troubles

Summer jobs

Summer festivals

  The basics

Present Past and Future perfect continuous

Linking words and phrases

Defining and non-defining relative clauses

Revision of the tenses

  On speaking terms

Solving travel troubles 

Getting a summer job

Small talk at festivals

Back to basics: tenses

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