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New plate processor

Every year, die Keure processes approximately 105,000 offset plates. After 10 years of loyal service and just under a million plates (934,556 to be precise), our old plate processors were in urgent need of replacement. Therefore, a new plate processor with development unit, the Arkana (Agfa Graphics), was installed in January. This is a major step forward in terms of efficiency, ergonomics, and ecology.

The new plate processor has an automatic pallet loader so we no longer have to manually load the plates. Afterwards, the plates automatically roll onto the right trolley, which saves our prepress employees a lot of dragging. “It is a pleasure to work with this machine,” confirm Helena, Geert, and Johan in Imposition, who are already very enthusiastic about the new acquisition.

But the biggest asset is undoubtedly the ecological aspect. The Arkana consumes up to 80% fewer chemicals and up to 50% less gum. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to rinse the plates, so we use up to 90% less water. The new plate processor also meets our quality requirements, as it is able to process our high grids perfectly.

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