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VDB - De Biografie

2019 marks ten years since Frank Vandenbroucke — or VDB, for short — died in mysterious circumstances in Senegal. This official biography, written by Stijn Vanderhaeghe with full cooperation from VDB’s parents, tells the unlikely story of a talented kid from Ploegsteert who, from the mid-nineties onwards, grew into the illustrious Bimbo d’oro or ‘Golden Boy’. Both on and off his bike, Frank Vandenbroucke was a phenomenon that captured the imagination of many.

VDB — De Biografie was printed by die Keure. Author Stijn Vanderhaeghe and mother Chantal Vanruymbeke were at our printing office for the press check. 

press check vdb

Customer: Kannibaal
Year of publication: 2018
Category: Sports