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Stephan Vanfleteren - Surf Tribe

In Surf Tribe, photographer Stephan Vanfleteren demonstrates that surf culture involves much more than just competitive sport. He captured portraits of more than 300 surfers, from young talent to living icons and old legends, and from competitive surfers to free surfers. You won’t find any action shots on azure waves in this book: instead, the mood is set by serene black-and-white portraits in Vanfleteren’s familiar, captivating style. This series of images touches the real core of surf culture: a love of water, an addiction to the wave, a passion for the surf.  The book opens with a foreword by surf legend Gerry Lopez. Surf Tribe was printed by die Keure. 

Fotoboek surf tribe
the making of surf tribe
Customer: Uitgeverij hannibal
Year of publication: 2018
Category: Photography