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Sanne De Wilde - The Island of the colorblind

On the islands of Pingelap and Pohnpei, an unusually large number of people suffer from the rare genetic condition known as achromatopsia, or complete colour blindness. A hurricane swept across the island of Pingelap at the end of the 18th century, and few of the islanders escaped unharmed. One of the survivors was the king, who suffered from colour blindness. Since then, the genetic defect has spread rapidly across the island. 

Sanne De Wilde (Antwerp, °1987) photographed the island of Pingelap together with its colour-blind inhabitants. To capture her images of the island, she used black-and-white and infrared photography. The book was printed by die Keure.

  • Different types of paper and ink
  • Softcover with flap, foil stamping
  • The ink on the cover changes colour when exposed to UV sunlight

The Island of the Colorblind was nominated for the Kassel Photobook Award 2018. This award award assembles the best photobooks of the previous year nominated by international experts in the field. 

Customer: Hannibal
Year of publication: 2017
Category: Photography