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Robert Vanderweeën - De bevrijding van kleur en vorm

This richly illustrated book, printed by die Keure, provides and overview of almost 50 years of passionate artistry by painter, illustrator and graphic artist Robert Vanderweeën (Oudenaarde, °1951).

Starting in the early 1970s, Vanderweeën has gradually built up an intriguing oeuvre in which man and his environment, landscape and nature, grandeur and detail, realism and abstraction are in cyclical dialogue. Vanderweeën is an exceptional master, unbound by any particular tradition, who pairs an energetic graphic language with chromatic freedom, powerful expression and dynamic technique.

This comprehensive monograph serves as a first introduction to the broader public of an artist who has largely remained out of the spotlights of the contemporary art scene. His oeuvre, which has remained hidden for so long, is nothing less than an artistic manifesto — a genuine discovery.

Customer: Uitgeverij Snoeck
Year of publication: 2017
Category: Art