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Rafaël Rozendaal - Everything, Always, Everywhere

The artistic practice of Rafaël Rozendaal consists of websites, installations, prints and texts. His work takes shape within a series of closely interwoven transformations: from movement to abstraction, from virtual space to physical space, and from website to print. All of Rozendaal’s work shares one common factor: it emerges from a fascination for moving pictures and interactivity in its most basic form. 

Everything, Always, Everywhere reflects on the change that Rozendaal’s work has undergone over the past few years, looking both at the development of the artist himself and the technological progress that has influenced digital art in recent times. Three essays by curator and media scholar Christiane Paul; art historian Margriet Schavemaker and curator Kodama Kanazawa delve deeper into these questions and explore other issues and themes surrounding Rozendaal’s work, focusing on net.art and digital art as a whole. The artist’s own voice is expressed in a lengthy interview with Marvin Jordan and in the various visual essays he created together with designer Remco van Bladel.

This artbook was printed by die Keure. 

  • Softcover with flap
  • Otabind
  • Different types of paper
  • Foil stamp
Customer: Valiz
Year of publication: 2017
Category: Art