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Straight line attempt - Posture Editions N°16

Straight Line Attempt is a new work created during Dobbels' residency (with a view of the sea) in Bray-Dunes, at the invitation of Emergent, Veurne within the framework of the exhibition Positie kiezen (Emergent, 2015). This work attempts to reconstruct the straight Flemish coastline. Griet Dobbels walked the complete (former) Flemish coastline from Dunkirk (FR) to Nieuwvlied (NL). 

The artist’s book Straight Line Attempt (Posture Editions N° 16) is a different visualisation of the constructed coastline: the book is a leporello (20 pages) that measures 4.20 metres when folded out. When the leporello with its accordion-like pleats is placed upright like a sculpture, the viewer searches for the correct eye height and sees the coastline as a straight line. Frank Maes wrote the text for this trilingual publication (NL/FR/EN).

Customer: Posture Editions
Year of publication: 2015
Category: Art