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Iconoclasts: Art out of the mainstream

Iconoclasm means to destroy what came before. It’s when revolutions in political and religious thought don’t want reform, but to throw out the old guard and put their own stamp on what they’ve taken over.

Artists Maurizio Anzeri, Matthew Chambers, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Josh Faught, Aaron Fowler, Danny Fox, Makiko Kudo, Dale Lewis, Thomas Mailaender, Kate MccGwire, Renee So, Douglas White and Alexi Williams-Wynn are proposing their own iconoclasm, across abstraction and figuration, by branding imagery onto human skin and making sculptures out of crows feathers, amongst other things.

This exhibition catalogue was printed by die Keure. 

  • Softcover
  • Sewn binding
  • Matt lamination
Customer: Saatchi Gallery
Year of publication: 2017
Category: Art