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About die Keure Printing

Die Keure is a Belgian family owned and managed company with 80 years of experience in printing and publishing.

Our printing plant, based in Bruges, is one of the most renowned in Europe. Die Keure specialises in printing books with extremely high production values such as catalogues for museum exhibitions, auction houses, art galleries and publishers, magazines on art, photography, fashion, architecture, music and lifestyle and very high end prestigious commercial projects.

We have a strong focus on quality throughout all our work and in order to guarantee this, we depend on the craftsmanship, professionalism and passion of our employees and most importantly, by keeping the whole production process in our own hands.

Our prepress department is one of the most advanced in the world and offers far more than a traditional prepress department can supply. The same is equally true of the production process. In order to achieve our exceptional quality, we have the very latest high-tech printing presses and our own book bindery. 

Our team of experts at die Keure offers customers superlative customer service from start to finish and does everything possible to bring out the very best in your publications. Our company is truly International, and works for customers all over the US, throughout Europe and as far afield as the Middle East and China. As a result of these partnerships we have won several prestigious awards and prizes.




Screen Printing

“We’d like to thank you for your beautiful collective work that made this publication possible – we especially appreciate your patience, flexibility and commitment to quality on this big and intricate project” 

Asia in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum (Silja Hillman, Studio Blue)