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Our mission

We are here to guide in your search for knowledge, and to your final destination in your search for high-quality printing. Acquiring knowledge is a basic human need and since involvement and respect are a part of our DNA and because printing and publishing are our passions, our mission is to provide you with relevant, high-quality educational, professional, and digital publications and training programmes, providing you with printed materials that reflect distinction and the very highest standards.


Our vision

Lifelong learning. We and our publishing houses believe in this. From child to adult and throughout all the phases of your life , die Keure is there with products to enrich your life. Products which have been crafted with care and the utmost respect for quality. We continually  invest in our printing company so that we can offer you the optimum result.


Our strategy

Our conviction that our clients’ printed products must be not only relevant but as beautiful  as we can make them, wherever they are destined, inspires all our departments at die Keure. We stay on the ball and do our utmost to provide you with the right content, the right advice, and the right methods and all in the most appropriate format, when YOU need it.


Our values

Our focus on standards and customer-satisfaction is carried throughout all of the branches of our organisation. We challenge our employees to achieve these goals every single day.

Respect, involvement, and results. These are the basic ingredients for our superior products:

  • Respect for one another, for our customers, for their opinions and convictions, and for our environment. Trust in the professional skills of our employees, our teams, our suppliers, and our partners. This is reflected in our commitment to communicate and cooperate openly.
  • Involvement and responsibility in order to achieve a great result. We accept our responsibilities in every step we take so that we can successfully create our products and complete your projects.

  • Achieving long-term, high-quality results is the final goal for and driving force behind everyone involved in our family business.