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About die Keure

With more than 70 years of experience in publishing and printing, die Keure is a prominent company with Flemish roots. Its roots even stretch beyond Belgium's borders.

Our passion for this profession flows through every department. Our expertise and our experience, those are our strengths. But to learn is to grow. That's why, for the sake of quality, we always keep our eyes open for you. We want to grow but, more importantly, we want you to grow.

To preserve quality throughout the publishing and printing processes, we intentionally keep everything under one roof:

  • Die Keure Educational: printed and digital learning materials, for primary schools, secondary schools and part-time education, that prepare students and help them to develop
  • Die Keure Professional: relevant publications for the fields of law, management and tax law that make professionals stronger in their field
  • Die Keure Training: together with our authors and partners, we offer training sessions that supplement our publications so that you can grow as a professional
  • Die Keure Printing: specialised printed matter that results in works of art thanks to our expertise in printing, our advanced pre-press department and our high-tech machinery

Die Keure is a world-class printing house and a leading player in the Belgian publishing landscape. We live to offer you high-quality and relevant publications, both in style and with regard to content.

“To guarantee quality, it's important to have control of the entire chain” – Alexis Bogaert, CEO at die Keure